Tax Tech Talk With Stikks #4: 17hats

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Never in my young life, I would imagine using a quote from George W Bush in one of my blog posts. However, one of his quotes hit me. Here it goes....

"You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow"

At first, I was like "what the hell was former President Bush talking about?" Then I thought about my professional life. Currently, I'm the only employee in my corporation ( Don't knock me, I will grow my company to be great one day. However right now, it is me, myself and I trying to make it happen. There are some times that I feel so overwhelm with all the tasks that I have to complete by myself. I seem to always be playing "catch up" which let me tell you is not a fun game. It is very clear that old methods that I'm using today are not working. How do I expect to reach my potential or even be in business if I don't change? When you are an entrepreneur, it can be a lonely place. However, you got to face your challenges with  courage and keep it moving. I have made an effort to learn how to use technology to move my business forward. In my quest to find solutions to my business issues, I have found a company called 17hats ( They provide business management software solutions to small businesses. In this post, we will learn the basics of 17hats.

Here is 17hats' claim to fame as found on their website:

"The best thing to happen to business since money. You don't need dozens of apps and subscriptions, you need a partner like 17hats. Discover all that you can do with the ridiculously easy all-in-one business management app."

Here are 17hats' own reasons to give them a try:

Get Your Money
  • Professional invoices
  • E-signable contracts
  • Custom proposals
  • Accept online payments
Do Less Work
  • Automate project processes
  • Create a library of templates
  • Automatic payment reminders
Add More Clients
  • Lead capture forms
  • Client questionnaires
  • New client notifications
Keep it Clean
  • Client dashboard
  • Sync multiple email clients and calendars
  • Time tracking and task lists
  • Schedule at a glance
Handle Scary Accounting
  • Super simple bookkeeping tools
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Tax reports and Profit & Loss statements
  • Connect to over 20,000 financial institutions
Stop Worrying
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere
  • Secure data protection

Sounds great but you're still not willing to commit.....

Start for free: 17hats signup page

17hats appears to have three monthly plans ($0/m, $17/m and $39/m). You can get a 17-day preview of their best plan then chose what plan works best for you.

This post is not an recommendation to use 17hats. Honestly, I haven't even sign up for the free account. It is quite possible that I may use this company but I need to do more research. Don't ever just enroll in a program because you read somewhere that it is good. You have to do your research and see what is right for your unique situation. My goal is to show you that you have options. If you like 17hats then definitely give them a call and ask questions. 17hats looks like a great company and I hope they succeed. I'm a fan of any company that helps small businesses.