Chronicles of Stikks aka “The Tax Guy”: I’m Not Mad

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For my fellow tax professionals, tell me if the following sounds familiar to you?

Persons preparing tax returns must not:

·        Take a position on a tax return unless there is a realistic possibility of the position being sustained on its merits. Frivolous tax return positions are prohibited.

·        Unreasonably delay prompt disposition of any matter before the IRS.

·        Charge the client an "unconscionable fee" for representation.

·        Represent clients with conflicting interests.

·        Solicit business using false statements.

·        Cash checks issued by the U.S. Treasury to a client for whom the return was prepared.

Now hopefully, if you are allowed to prepare tax returns, you recognized these rules from Circular 230. We will get to why I started this blog with Circular 230 in just a minute. First let’s briefly talk about where I have been the last two years. On November 18, 2013, my second child was born. I love my daughter dearly but my creatively juices disappeared right after she was born. It got replaced by adjusting to life with two children that demand constant attention and a lot of Disney Junior viewing. Just last week, an odd thing happened to me. Out of nowhere, the creative juices started flowing again. If you forgot about my bold writing style, you will quickly remember after my first couple of posts.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program……

Over the last two years alone, I been cursed at, screamed at, insulted, disrespected, abused and lied too! This was done by clients and even by some follow tax professionals. The interesting part is that it wasn’t because I was doing a horrible job or being a fraudulent accountant. The main reason was because I was too damn nice! Notice that Circular 230 doesn’t require you to take abuse from clients. Therefore, the blame is all on me. My plea to my fellow tax professionals is to never take abuse from clients. Have pride in your abilities and knowledge to know when you are right. I’m mad at myself because it wasn’t like Donald Trump was my client. At least I would charge him accordingly for the abuse. These were clients that at the end of the day you weren’t making a profit with them. Even when you have a good paying client, don’t allow the money to give them the right to make you feel small.

Never be scared to fire clients. This current year, I decided not to be abused by anyone. Financially, I’m taking a big hit because I fired a lot of previous clients. However don’t cry for me, tell me “Great job!” This year is all about resetting and going after my ideal client. The greatest feeling is seeing the abusive client reaction when I fire them. It is like standing up to a bully at school and finding out that bully is really a punk when confronted. I don’t care if you are unrolled, enrolled, CPA, or a lawyer, stand up for yourself. Let clients know that accountants are to be respected.
Do you have any client war stories? I would love for you to post them!

Until next time…..Jay-Z once said “I move forward – the only direction. Can’t be scared to fail – search and perfection.”

Name: Jamaal Solomon