Tax Tech Talk With Stikks #5: Receipt Bank

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Receiving a box of old receipts from client to this day gives me nightmares. Most times the receipts don't even have explanations so I have to write a long request list to the client. With the explosion of new technology systems, the days of "I can't keep good records" excuses are gone. Be nice to your tax accountant or bookkeeper and become more organized. Stop being so nice to the IRS by giving them more money than you have too because you lost some receipts. Be brave and tackle your small business bookkeeping issues. Today post will be about Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank's website can be found at Receipt Bank can help you take control of recording your receipts and invoices. Walk with me and lets learn the basics of this company.

Here is Receipt Bank's claim to fame as found on their website:

Receipt Bank claims to be "The Future of Small Business Productivity."

"Receipt Bank helps small to medium-sized businesses, sole traders, and individuals save valuable hours by pulling information from receipts and invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently."

Here are Receipt Bank's own reasons to give them a try:

Use our iPhone and Android apps to send receipts and invoices while you are out and about.

Get the whole picture by adding your entire team, with different access levels, approvals, and expense reports

Create rules that tell Receipt Bank when and where to transfer information for transactions, suppliers and payment methods.

Add-Ons can integrate with Receipt Bank and are used to improve your experience. For example, Drop Box is one possible Add-On that can work with Receipt Bank. There are connected Add-Ons for the following tasks:

  1. Importing Into Receipt Bank
  2. Payments Info Into Receipt Bank
  3. Payroll Integration
  4. Publishing From Receipt Bank

The list of current Receipt Bank Add-Ons can be found at:

Sounds great but you're still not willing to commit.....

Start for free: Free 14-Day Trial

Receipt Bank appears to have five basic monthly plans ($25/m, $40/m $55/m, $100/m and $220/m). The plans are based on the number of transactions that your business processes in a month. Money talks so there is an option to customize a plan to suit your business unique needs. You can get a 14-day preview of their best plan then chose what plan works best for you.

Okay Folks, there you have it! Receipt Bank is one of many companies that can you become more organized. Don't be lazy and just take my word to look into this company. Do your research and find other companies similar to Receipt Bank. Choose the best company that addresses your unique needs and budget. We need small businesses to survive and grow. In order to grow, you must become more organized. It makes no sense to make ton of money and don't know where your money is going.

Good luck!!!