2016 Tax Olympics: Opening Ceremony (Day 1)

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2016 Tax Olympics: The Opening Ceremony

I started running competitively from eight years old to nineteen years old. Now, that I'm 36 years old, I can barely run to get the remote control in the living room. I always had dreams of running in the Olympics but I was lazy as hell. Since, I'm currently going through my mid-life crisis, I decided to create my own damn Olympics. For the next two weeks, I will create a 2016 Tax Olympics blog series. I will grant medals to strategies to handle various tax situations. I will write about the three best ways in my opinion to handle each situation. Here is the line-up (set your DVR):

Day 1: Opening Ceremony
Day 2: Keeping Required Tax Records
Day 3: Failure to File and Failure to Pay Penalties
Day 4: Missing Out on Tax Savings
Day 5: ID Thief
Day 6: Dealing With Tax Uncertainty
Day 7: Obamacare Tax Penalties and Credits
Day 8: Surviving an Tax Audit
Day 9: Same-Sex State Tax Filing
Day 10: Proving Education Tax Break Eligibility
Day 11: Networking as an Young Tax Accountant
Day 12: Finding Good Accountants (Besides Myself)
Day 13: Ways to Contact the IRS
Day 14: Embracing Tax Software
Day 15: Operating Non-Profits
Day 16: Tax Planning for Retirement
Day 17: Closing Ceremony

Name: Jamaal Solomon