When Tax Proposals Go Bad #1: Connecticut's Mileage Tax Proposal

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Government officials can get real creative when they are searching for additional revenues. My "When Tax Proposals Go Bad" blog series will inform (or entertain) my readers on tax proposals that their elected officials are considering. The first tax proposal discussed comes from the great state of Connecticut. Elected officials are looking into a mileage tax proposal. The proposal would charge in-state residents based on how many miles they drive within the state. Here is the billion dollar question: how will the state keep track of every resident miles? How does the state collect the tax? Will they force every resident to install a GPS in all of their vehicles? How much would it cost the state to implement this program? The state is spending $300,000 just to study how this proposal can be created. How can I get hired to study this plan? Hackers already probably figured out how to beat the system. This is a great example of how a creative tax idea goes bad. Residents will lose their minds if this proposal has a shot of getting passed.

Connecticut residents should start calling their elected officials now before this proposal becomes a law. Good luck if it becomes a law. You have the power to stop this before it gets too late. Don't say that I didn't warn you!!!

Here is a link to an article regarding the tax proposal:State to spend $300,000 on mileage tax study

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