Tax Tech Talk with Stikks #10: InvoiceSherpa

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Rule #11: Chasing after clients for payments is not fun! Learn how to make the process more manageable.

The goal of these technology related posts are not to recommend any product or service. The goal is to inform you about your options. At the end of the day, you must do the research for your company's unique needs. Technology has eliminated a lot of lame excuses. It is up to you to take advantage of technology. Also, don't think that an app or website can replace a good human accountant. Today, I will introduce InvoiceSherpa

What is InvoiceSherpa?

InvoiceSherpa is an automated accounts receivable and invoice reminder app that works with your existing accounting software to help you get paid in a faster and more efficient way. InvoiceSherpa integrates with Xero, Quickbooks, Harvest, Wave, Freshbooks, Clio and more. These integrations can be setup in a few clicks, with no software to configure or install. Once this connection is established InvoiceSherpa sets up invoice reminders and follows ups with your clients through customized scripting and scheduling. 

What are InvoiceSherpa's Claims to Glory?

Key benefits:

  • One-click synchronization with your existing accounting software to pull all your invoices & all customer data
  • Integrated payments allows your customers to pay invoices directly from the invoice via credit card or ACH
  • Automatically reconciles all payment transactions to your accounting software
  • Sends out the initial invoice, automatically sends late payment reminders, auto-collects from your customers and deposits the payment directly into your bank account
  • Automatically manages expiring credit cards before they become lost revenue.
  • Give clients 24hr access to view and pay all their outstanding invoices and make payment terms if needed.

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