Throwback Post Thursday #5: Don't Let Obstacles Stop Your Destiny

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Here is the world's worst kept secret.....I'm more than an tax accountant, I'm a damn human being! Just like everyone, I have up and down days. Being an entrepreneur, the highs and lows are taken to another level. In this throwback post, I tried to inspire people to fight for their dreams. This post goes beyond taxes. The post was called:

Beyond Taxes Series #1: Don't Let Obstacles Stop Your Destiny

For about three years, I have been having really bad nightmares whether it is during a short nap or full night of sleep. I don't even know when was the last time I had a pleasant dream. I put so much unnecessary pressure on myself without finding ways to let it go. Thankfully I have a very supportive wife and we are working on ways to get over my issues. Sometimes it gets hard to strike the balance of pushing yourself to the limit but remembering to take care of your body and soul. However, we shouldn't let this difficult balance hold us back from reaching our potential. I find that too much accountants get comfortable and don't reach their potential. This action not only hurts their growth but it also can have an negative impact on their clients' growth. Our clients deserve our best effort.

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