Beyond Taxes Series #1: Don't Let Obstacles Stop Your Destiny

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For about three years, I have been having really bad nightmares whether it is during a short nap or full night of sleep. I don't even know when was the last time I had a pleasant dream. I put so much unnecessary pressure on myself without finding ways to let it go. Thankfully I have a very supportive wife and we are working on ways to get over my issues. Sometimes it gets hard to strike the balance of pushing yourself to the limit but remembering to take care of your body and soul. However, we shouldn't let this difficult balance hold us back from reaching our potential. I find that too much accountants get comfortable and don't reach their potential. This action not only hurts their growth but it also can have an negative impact on their clients' growth. Our clients deserve our best effort.

Two weeks ago, I found out that I failed a section on the CPA exam. I have been studying for months for this particular section and still did HORRIBLE! I felt confident going into test because I was crushing the practice exams. There were some parts that I didn't study hard enough because I got overconfident and thought my strong areas will get me a pass score. Well, when I took the exam, my weak areas were heavily tested. I knew during the exam that I failed. Honestly, I disrespected the exam and deserved the outcome. Most test takers will not share with the world about an failing grade. However, I'm writing to inspire someone especially an accountant to keep pushing. I'm not going to cry and ask for sympathy. I will revise my studying plan and give it another try. I would rather fail trying then five years from now have the infamous "what if" thought pop in my mind. I stopped my quest of becoming a CPA five years ago after passing one part. Years later I felt like crap for quitting and promised not to have that feeling again. If I don't ever become a CPA, I can guarantee you that I will continue to push myself forward both professionally and personally. I have big plans and not passing one exam won't stop me.

I have joined an CPA professional organization as an associate member. This type of membership is offered to members that are taking the exam and haven't become a CPA. Matter of fact, I needed a recommendation from an active member to join. For the most part this organization is very supportive of all members. However, you have a few members that are complaining like little toddlers saying that my type of membership dilutes the organization's value.You have to be ultra-insecure to think that someone taking the exam is diluting your membership organization's value. Just because someone passes any hard exam doesn't make them God's gift to the earth. In addition, associate members don't go around claiming to be CPAs. Associates members show the most respect to CPAs. I'm a proud Enrolled Agent (EA) with two college degrees and self-published a ebook. I don't need to lie about my license or qualifications. I have a Master's degree in Taxation and probably know more about taxes than a lot of CPAs. If you are one of these lame ass members then take a look at yourself in the mirror. Have you done anything to move OUR industry forward? Have you helped a young professional make it to the next level? What will be your legacy? To my fellow associate members and accountants worldwide.....KEEP PUSHING!!!!

Name: Jamaal Solomon