Beyond Taxes Series #4: Don't Save Her, She Don't Want To Be Saved

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Today is May 8th and it is my birthday! Free drinks at the bar on me. Okay, I'm too cheap to buy you a drink but I will share a thought with you. I like to go with hard for my clients and give them the best possible outcome. My main source of income is representing clients in front of the IRS and various state tax department. The one hard lesson that I'm learning is that you can't save someone that don't want to be saved. There are so many clients that I could have saved them thousands of dollars but mentally they couldn't handle the reality of the situation. Some people want to blame everyone for their tax issues except themselves. You can't be mad at the IRS if you haven't paid taxes in ten years and now owe a huge debt. When you don't pay your taxes that affect people that are really paying their taxes. So in my eyes, you are already a selfish human being. There are some people that want to blame the people that are trying to help them. You would be surprised at how many clients got mad at me for their tax debt and I had nothing to do with their debt!

To my fellow accountants, don't try to be your client's savior. Leave that job up to God! Our job is to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We all know that we have to work within a set of rules and regulations. I used to take it personally when a rude client tells me "Oh, I could have done your job myself." Don't let a rude client destroyed your positive energy. We will all meet people in our lives that are just screwed up in the head and there is nothing we can do to help them. 

To my fellow taxpayers, don't expect miracles. Leave that job up to Santa Clause! It is not our fault that you didn't pay your taxes. Don't fall victim to the "pennies on the dollar" marketing campaigns. Most times, you can definitely greatly reduce your tax debt but pennies on the dollar is extremely rare. There are other factors that pay a factor on how much the IRS will reduce your debt. For example, your age, compliance history, health and future earning potenial play major factors. Stop thinking because you are currently broke that the world owes you a damn favor. Join the club and plan according. Stop expecting pity parties because you are an adult and not my three-year old daughter.

Okay back to enjoying my birthday!!!

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