Top 10 Taxpayer Bill of Rights: #8 The Right to Confidentiality

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And keep it on the down low
Nobody has to know
We can keep it on the down low
Nobody has to know

"Down Low" by The Isley Brothers

Identity thief is a serious problem. Do everything in your power to secure your information. This post talks about your right to confidentiality. The information below is straight for the IRS word for word. Knowing your rights is extremely important. I know a married couple in their 50s that are claimed as dependents by scam artist every year! Before you deal with the IRS, attorney or tax professional, make sure they are aware of your right to confidentiality.

The Right to Confidentiality

Taxpayers have the right to expect that any information they provide to the IRS will not be disclosed unless authorized by the taxpayer or by law. Taxpayers have the right to expect appropriate action will be taken against employees, return preparers, and others who wrongfully use or disclose taxpayer return information.

What you can expect:
  • In general, the IRS may not disclose your tax information to third parties unless you them permission (example: you request that they disclose information in connection with a mortgage or student loan application).
  • In general, the IRS cannot contact third parties like your employer, neighbors or bank to obtain information about adjusting or collecting your tax liability unless it provides you with reasonable notice in advance.
  • Generally, the same confidentiality protection that you have with an attorney also applies to certain communications that you have with federally authorized practitioners. Confidential communications are those that:
    • Advise you on tax matters within the scope of the practitioner's authority to practice before the IRS,
    • Would be confidential between an attorney and you, and
    • Relate to noncriminal tax matters before the IRS, or
    • Relate to noncriminal tax proceedings brought in federal court by or against the United States. 

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