Beyond Taxes Series #4: What Goes Through An Entrepreneur's Mind While Waiting Half Naked For The Doctor

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Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my annual check up. To be honest with you, I hate annual check ups and try to get away with doing them every two years. However, I'm married to a nurse and she puts pressure on me to go as soon as she finds out that I haven't been to the doctor in over a year for the check up. I have been blessed with never receiving bad news. My diet isn't the best but it doesn't show up on any of the reports. I have been told that I have tiny veins. The nurses always laugh at my veins because it is hard to draw blood from them. I'm left-handed so naturally I always stick out my right arm for them to get blood. Since I have horrible luck, the nurse couldn't get enough blood from my right arm so she had to go the left arm. After the nurse took my blood, I had to get undressed and lay under the sheets on the table. I kid you not when I say that I waited for the doctor for over 30 minutes! I was freezing because the air conditioner was blasting. I was left on the table with only time to think and reflect. This was what went through my mind:

  1. As entrepreneur, my days are never dull. I feel like I'm constantly dealing with all types of tasks. It can be hard to sometimes stop and reflect for a moment. Laying on the table forced me to take the time to reflect because I was trying to get over how I cold I was on the table. I guess a better word for what I did on the table was mediate. The greatest ideas were popping in my head while I was mediating. Entrepreneurs need to respect the importance of mediating to get their business to the next level. A lot of stuff become clearer when you eliminate the noise. I started to think about solutions to my problems. Hell, I thought about writing this post during my mediation period on the table!
  2. You can mediate all you want but you have to back it up with action. While on the table, I wanted to write this post to share my experience with you. I felt like it was important to share. Most times, entrepreneurs problems are putting their plan into action. I must admit that this post will probably have a million errors but I felt like it needed to written today and not pushed to a later date. If I'm made a mistake for posting too fast then I will take it as a learning lesson. Don't wait until the perfect time. Go after your dreams and goals! Just don't say you will go after dreams. Show the world your dreams through your actions. The universe has a weird way of helping you when you put forth the effort.
  3. As I mentioned before, I hate going to the doctor unless I'm dying. This is a horrible attitude! Money and power won't mean a thing if I don't take care of my health. Too much entrepreneurs abuse their bodies. Don't put your business or clients' problems ahead of your health. When I mean health, I'm talking about both physically and mentally. Suicide is a real problem among entrepreneurs. Remember that you have a family (even if you are single) that loves you and want to see you around. If you die, your clients will be alright because they will find someone to replace you the very next day. However if I die, my kids will be missing their father and we never forget me. Put your well being first, if not for you then for the people that really love you.
  4. I was so mad that I was left on the table freezing for a long time. However, the cold harsh truth hit me. The world doesn't evolve around me. I didn't know the other patients' situations. I didn't know if the doctor was dealing with a serious problem. Shoot, I was just there to check if my body was still properly working. My visit was not a serious situation. Who am I to get mad that the all important Jamaal was left waiting? Sometimes, entrepreneurs get so full of themselves. We have to remember that we are just one of a billion other people trying to live in this world. I don't care if you are a billionaire, money doesn't make you better than someone who has ten dollars in their account.
So there you have it folks...This post proves that accountants have feelings too! lol

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